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Why Grow Alien OG Seeds

If you want to experience the benefits of marijuana without having to spend a fortune, you should try growing Alien OG Seeds. It has a short flowering time of eight to nine weeks outdoors. You’ll know when your buds are ready to harvest if they are curling in and have a solid bud underneath. At first, Alien OG’s trichomes are clear and lack potency, but they change to milky white as the buds begin to grow. Milky white trichomes have the highest levels of THC and CBD.

Alien OG Grow Difficulty

Growing Alien OG requires a lot of care. It requires a regulated environment and highly regulated nutrients during the vegetative stage. It grows best indoors but can be grown outside too. Here are some tips to make your Alien OG grow successfully. If you’re growing your weed indoors, make sure to give it plenty of water and good ventilation. A good humidifier can help your plant stay dry and prevent the growth of molds. Molds can cause complete crop destruction if not addressed immediately.

The Alien OG strain has trouble developing a good root system and will probably need some help. When starting your Alien OG crop, use untreated tap water with a pH between 6.5 and 7.0. Fill the pots with as much water as they can hold and wait a couple of minutes before filling them again. Check the color of the water as you drain it. This will tell you if it’s too wet.

The Alien OG feminized seeds should sprout in two days. Some may take up to five days to sprout. To get the most out of your Alien OG feminized seeds, you can read this step-by-step germination guide with pictures and video. Growing marijuana plants is relatively easy if you have a decent amount of experience, skill, and consistency. This cannabis seed strain should be available in most dispensaries in the California Bay Area.

The Alien OG cannabis plant can flower in 7 to 9 weeks. It has a very sensitive root system and should be grown indoors in a climate controlled environment with a temperature of 20 to 26 degrees Celsius. It’s best to avoid growing the plant in direct sunlight, since it will grow into a short, bushy plant. Depending on the type of grow medium you choose, you may want to prune the larger leaves to allow light to reach the lower parts of the plant.

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The Alien OG isn’t for beginners. Smokers may experience a sudden head rush, and may be paranoid or anxious. The smoke from this strain can also cause bloodshot eyes or even a headache. It’s recommended to start with low doses. If you’re growing this plant for medicinal purposes, try not to smoke too much! The effects of smoking too much Alien OG can be dangerous, including death.

Alien OG Growing Conditions

The Alien OG strain of cannabis grows well both indoors and outdoors. It requires high-quality soil, plenty of light, and a climate between 68 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Its short flowering cycle requires extra nutrients during the vegetative and reproductive stages. Proper nutrient levels and adequate airflow will maximize your yield. Alien OG is easy to find online. Growing cannabis indoors can be both fun and profitable.

Growing marijuana with Alien OG seeds requires no advanced equipment or advanced science lab. You will be rewarded with a strong, pungent bud that is packed with terpenes. Unlike most strains of cannabis, it can handle the heat of a greenhouse as well as the midday sun in California. The plant will need staking to ensure it stays upright during the flowering stage. Alien OG also has an intense smell, reminiscent of lemon and pine.

In addition to soil, Alien OG seeds require a constant climate. During the vegetative stage, 50 percent of the plant’s surface area should be kept humid. A constant humidity of forty-five percent during the flowering stage of the plant prevents moisture from building up in buds and harming the whole crop. After flowering is complete, the plant may be harvested, or pruned to provide light for the lower portions of the plant.

A higher dose of Alien OG may cause a psychedelic effect. Over time, however, the plant’s indica side will take over and offer a gentle sedative effect. A higher dose can further intensify the effects of its sedative nature. To ensure the maximum effects, decarboxylate the buds before eating them. If you’re growing Alien OG for medicinal purposes, it’s best to decarboxylate fresh buds first before consuming them.

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Alien OG cannabis plants will not grow taller than three feet. However, they will yield a generous amount of weed. Their flowering period is approximately six to seven weeks and a typical outdoor setup will produce sixteen to seventeen ounces of weed per square foot. Because Alien OG plants are temperamental and require a stable environment, indoor growing should be your best option if your climate is less than ideal.

Alien OG Seeds Indoor Growing

If you’re planning to grow marijuana indoors, Alien OG feminized seeds can be planted on a damp towel. The seeds should have an inch of space between them. Place a second damp towel over the top and close the germination chamber with another plate. After several days, the seeds should sprout. Keep in mind that these plants can be temperamental and require a consistently consistent climate.

This plant does well in both soil and hydro environments. It requires high-quality soil, good ventilation, and temperatures between 68 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. They can reach up to three feet tall and can be pruned to promote airflow and more energy to the buds. Alien OG is a great indoor crop, but it is not a perfect choice for everyone’s circumstances. The following are some tips to keep your Alien OG healthy:

Feeding Alien OG is a key factor in its success. It should be fed once every two weeks during the vegetative stage. Flushing the plant with water will help it get a good root system. For this purpose, use untreated tap water with a pH of 6.5 to 7.0. Simply flood the soil with as much water as the pot can hold, wait for a few minutes, and then refill it with water. During the second flush, you should observe the color of the water draining.

Alien OG Cannabis Seeds can produce tall, healthy, and trichome-heavy plants. They can survive the heat of an outdoor greenhouse and midday California sun. Alien OG plants will stretch during their flowering period. Its large plants will require staking and can produce a large harvest. If you plan to grow this plant indoors, keep in mind that you’ll need to be patient.

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Alien OG is a strain that is used for medicinal purposes. The high produced by this plant is known to help with both physical and mental illnesses. Those suffering from chronic stress and depression find the effects of Alien OG very relaxing. The plant’s high levels of THC help people with chronic pain conditions, as well as those afflicting those suffering from PTSD and depression. Additionally, it can help with nausea and chronic aches and pain.

Alien OG Seeds Outdoor Growing

One of the most popular strains of marijuana, Alien OG is one of the most potent seeds for outdoor growing. Its high THC content intensifies the cerebral effects, and the deeply relaxing physical effects are equally powerful. Its uplifting, positive effect is often credited with its ability to help people overcome social anxiety and depression. It is also known for its supremely relaxing properties, making it a perfect choice for those who want to alleviate physical stress. While small amounts won’t impair your movement, higher doses can lead to a feeling of sluggishness.

Whether you’re growing Alien OG in a greenhouse, tent, crawlspace, attic, or garage, this sativa will require expert care to ensure a quality harvest. This strain has a short flowering time, and requires a 24-hour on/off cycle for the best results. It’s also one of the easiest indoor plants to grow, with an average yield of 7-9 pounds per plant.

The Alien OG plant is a true hybrid that combines the best of both worlds. Its 50/50 ratio of Sativa and Indica makes it an all-around super-strengthy plant. This plant’s dark green leaves and frosty white trichomes make it look like an alien from outer space! Its twisty orange pistils are also very decorative, and its au naturel Indica aroma is just as potent.

The Alien OG is a hybrid strain with a high THC level of 28%. It produces an uplifting and relaxing effect, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. The best part about growing this strain is that it produces abundant yields. There are no other cannabis seeds that produce as much. You can purchase seeds from a local dispensary. And, if you’re a beginner, you can always buy them at online retailers like or from a professional grower.

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