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Producing oil with marijuana is a very good option for cooking multiple delicious cannabis recipes. Generally, the main ingredient in these recipes is marijuana butter, but in the following article we explain how to produce marijuana oil, a new option to expand your cannabis repertoire. In fact, with cannabis oil we can fry and cook as if it were conventional oil . An easy and simple way to add a cannabis twist to almost any dish. In addition, the recipes will be healthier since we will avoid using butter, a very greasy and calorie-laden ingredient.

Next, we explain how to produce your own cannabis oil , first with a list of ingredients and then with a step-by-step explanation.


– 200 ml of virgin olive oil.

– Approximately 30 grams of crushed marijuana.

Step by step explanation

  1. – Put the oil in a saucepan and heat it slowly without boiling.
  2. – Once the oil is hot, add the crushed marijuana.
  3. – Keep the mixture over low heat, without letting it come to a boil, for about an hour or an hour and a half. (if it boils, the THC is lost )
  4. – Let the resulting mixture stand and cool.
  5. – Strain the result to remove as much vegetable matter as possible and bottle the resulting oil.


Keep in mind that the marijuana ingested takes much longer to rise and the effect is more powerful , so it is better to take low doses until you feel the effects and know if it is necessary to consume more or leave it there. Also, the effects are much longer, so be careful and enjoy knowingly. We say this because, by taking longer to rise, many consumers believe that it has not been enough and ingest more . The result is that when you start to notice the effects you have already exceeded your ideal dose and the experience can go from pleasant to unpleasant.


Anyway, if you control the dose, the experience will be unbeatable and you will discover a new way to expand your gastronomic repertoire. 

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