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Marijuana recipes are all the rage and butter is one of the main foods in cannabis cuisine . In addition, this type of cuisine not only represents a different way to consume marijuana and take advantage of its therapeutic and beneficial properties, but it also means a way to take advantage of every last leaf of our harvest.

In fact, for cannabis recipes, only the remains of the manicure are needed, that is, the small leaves filled with resin or the small buds that have not developed properly. Another benefit of cannabis cooking is that we can enjoy the effects of cannabis without consuming it smoked and thus avoiding the carcinogenic substances that are released during combustion.

Needed for other recipes

The list of cannabis recipes is very extensive and new ways of cooking and consuming marijuana are added every day. The vast majority of recipes use marijuana butter to add a cannabis touch to the recipe. In this article we explain how to cook marijuana butter step by step and in a simple way to prepare multiple recipes. It will especially be used for pastries, since hot recipes and cannabis are not good companions.

Once you have cooked the cannabis butter, you can store it and keep it for a long time in the fridge to be able to use it at any time in thousands of different preparations. So now you know, if you like cooking and you like maria, save this web page in favorites because you will need it every time you propose to make any type of cannabis recipe.


Necessary ingredients and utensils

To cook marijuana butter you don’t need ingredients that are expensive or hard to come by. In fact, most of the items in the following list are normally found in our homes, we will not even need to go to the supermarket to start the production:

  • 500 ml of bottled or filtered water.
  • 250 g of butter. The brand and type is optional according to the taste of each chef.
  • 25-50 g of marijuana in small buds and leaves with trichomes. Although the remains of the harvest are usually used, if we want maximum power and defined flavor we must use better formed buds, the higher resin and quality, the better the final result.
  • Container to place the mixture. For example, a glass or clay pot would be a good option. Try that this container has a lid to better preserve the butter once it is made.
  • Typical Strainer that will allow us to separate the empty plant matter of cannabinoids from the mixture.
  • Saucepan and where we will heat the mixture over a very low heat. Preferably large so that removal is easy and no spillage occurs.

Step by step, easy and fast

  1. Grind marijuana buds well. We can use a grinder or grinder to grind them, exactly as we do it normally.
  2. Place the crushed buds in a saucepan with water and put it over a low heat without bringing the water to a boil. Otherwise, THC and other cannabinoids like CBD will degrade and you will lose the effects.
  3. We stir the mixture constantly to avoid burning the vegetable matter, approximately 5-7 minutes.
  4. We add the butter to the saucepan that is being heated with the water and the crushed marijuana. Next, we stir for 30 minutes until the butter melts and mixes with the rest of the ingredients.
  5. Pass the mixture through a strainer to separate the crushed buds and the liquid solution.
  6. Put the liquid in a container and store it in the refrigerator until the butter becomes solid.
  7. Once it solidifies, separate the water and the butter. The water is removed and the butter is returned to the refrigerator.
  8. We already have marijuana butter prepared and ready to be used as an ingredient in other more complex preparations.

By following these simple steps, you will produce quality marijuana butter with which to make a wide variety of cannabis recipes. Cooking with this butter you can add flavor and effects to your dishes. Remember that heat eliminates the potency of cannabis, so its use is more recommended for cold recipes and pastries.

Dosage and instructions for use

 boil butter

Regarding the dose and the way of use, it should be noted that it is important to control the amounts of marijuana and adhere to what is indicated in the recipe. The potency will depend on the quality of the material used, as is logical, it will not be the same to make butter with marijuana leaves with some trichome than to make it with large and resinous buds.

If you’ve followed the recipe correctly, this butter will have the power to set its consumer high. In fact, you have to pay special attention since the effects of ingested cannabis are very different from smoked cannabis, both in the duration and in the time it takes to “rise”. So if you don’t notice anything , it’s worth waiting at least half an hour before increasing the dose. Otherwise you run the risk of increasing the dose too much and having a bad time.

Not all people are affected in the same way, so you have to be cautious and ingest very little by little to verify that the body assimilates it as it touches. You have to be careful since the effect of ingested cannabis is usually more powerful than smoked, so you know, if you want to enjoy thirst, be careful with the doses.

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