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No longer is White Russian just a popular alcoholic beverage – this knock-out of a hybrid strain has cemented itself as one of the most iconic and potent strains on the face of the planet. White Russian was bred by Serious Seeds by crossing AK-47 and White Widow, two exemplary parental strains. As an indica-dominant hybrid, White Russian placed 1st in the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup for “Best Overall” strain. What makes White Russian so astounding is its high THC concentration which ranges from 22-28%. Although this strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, the effects tend to lean towards the sativa side, being more cerebral and euphoric while also providing users with a relaxing and heavily sedating body high. White Russian is eminently terpene-heavy, with an aroma and flavour that is defined by its skunky, pungent notes and sweet, fruity undertones.



White Russian UK

White Russian is an award-winning legendary indica-dominant strain that made its name known back in 1996. It won “Best Overall” strain in the High Times Cannabis Cup and was once known as the strongest strain. It is a cross between two legendary strains, the sativa-dominant AK-47 and the potent sativa strain, White Widow. Its parents set up this strain up to be a winner by providing the genetics to produce a powerful and introspective head high. Along with its high, it is an extremely fragrant plant with hints of sweetness and pungency. It is sure to please any cannabis enthusiast.


The high of this strain has a very fast onset and hits like a truck for many. Many users will feel a rush of energy enter their body, uplifting their mood and motivating them. They will feel a sense of euphoria and will be able to function without any confusion. With its intense cerebral high, many will feel boosts of creativity, introspection, and focus. Coupled with the uplifting and mood-boosting effects is a powerful body stone that will relax the muscles. Despite its indica-dominant genetics, White Russian is not known to couch-lock or cause drowsiness unless heavy consumption is involved. We recommend users enjoy this strain during the daytime as it leaves you wired without the laziness. For medicinal purposes, it does not treat physical ailments that well as the high is focused more in the head. It can be used to treat other conditions such as:

Users will usually experience dry eyes and dry mouth as a side effect. However, it can be overwhelming to users who are not experienced with strong cerebral effects.

Appearance, Aroma, and Taste

The buds of White Russian tend to be small to medium-sized. The leaves are a pale green and are moderately covered in white trichomes depending on the phenotype. The flowers have a mainly earthy scent with hints of citrus-like sweetness and cheese-like pungentness. When smoking, the flowers smell quite dank and is harsh on the lungs due to its slight spiciness.



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