White Rhino Extracts Vape – Gold (Pen Only)

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White Rhino Extracts Vape

A smooth and long lasting vape experience! The press-hold-release function on this sleek White Rhino vape pen makes vaping simple; allowing for larger doses by simply holding the button down longer.White Rhino Extracts Vape 

To turn on: press the button 5 times and wait for a light to illuminate. Then adjust heating setting to adjust vape dosage by pressing the button 3 times. For the lowest dosage setting, keep the pen on the red light. For medium, choose green, and for the highest setting, change the light to blue.


To adjust lighting, press the button 3 times again. After you have finished your vaping session, be sure to press the button 5 times to turn off the vape and preserveyour battery!


Please note that you should turn your battery off by pressing down on the button 5 times when you are done using your vape. This will help ensure that you don’t burn out the coil in your battery.


Also note that we recommend storing your cartridges/pen in a dark, dry and cool place in order to keep your product in optimal condition.


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