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The list of celebrities who smoke marijuana is so long and numerous that it would never end . More and more personalities admit to using marijuana, either daily or sporadically. We find celebrities who use marijuana in all areas of society, from science to literature, through music, cinema, sports and a long and varied etcetera.

Because the list of celebrities who have admitted to marijuana use is endless, we are going to name the best known today both of Spanish origin and the rest of the world. Thousands of celebrities have used marijuana or defended the use and legalization of this drug. Next, we are going to name some famous examples that have admitted to the use of marijuana.

Berto Romero, the best Spanish comedian

This well-known television collaborator has expressed his fondness for sporadic cannabis use on multiple occasions. In most series and shows that he has directed or starred in, there are mentions of marijuana joints. Cannabis advocate convinced that drinking alcohol is much worse and that it kills more people. He recently confirmed in an interview for the newspaper El País that he is a consumer and smokes to give free rein to the imagination.

“I have people who have died from drinking so many beers, starting with my father, and instead I don’t know anyone so affected by joints. But I don’t want to lead any cause, I don’t want to glorify a drug, no matter how recreational it may be, because there are people who have problems and who are addicted. Every human being has a very particular relationship with drugs. “


“I smoke, I have a good relationship with this drug, it helps me to lighten up and stop a bit. And I wanted it to appear, to give that image of me ”.

Los Estopa, cannabis pop with a lot of style

Musical group of great recognition in Spain with multiple themes that speak and defend the consumption of joints with marijuana. Well known is his song the Garden of Forgetfulness, a song in defense of cannabis that tells of a protagonist who cultivates ‘an immense garden of good marijuana’. Or another good example would be the lyrics of one of the most famous songs of the group, the theme little by little that says literal phrases such as ‘I recognize it, I smoke joints every day’ or ‘Come on, give me a smoke because I feel lonely.’

Fernando Sánchez Dragó and Joaquín Sabina

Far from the typical image of young and informal that is usually attributed to the defender or user of marijuana, here we have an example that completely demystifies this legend. The great writer, journalist and thinker Fernando Sánchez Dragó has openly acknowledged his love for marijuana in some interviews. Recently he came to ask that How is it possible to ban marijuana and not trans fats? Another example, in an interview with the singer Joaquín Sabina both recognized the following:

  1. Sánchez Dragó: We are going to talk about the other grass, the one that doesn’t dry out.
  2. Joaquín Sabina: The one you like!
  3. Sánchez Dragó: Yes, and you.
  4. Joaquín Sabina: Yes

After this mini confession in which both admit the consumption of cannabis, they start talking about the coffee shops in Amsterdam and the possibility of its future legalization in Spain. In fact, the great Sabina goes so far as to affirm that “it has not been shown that a joint did harm to someone but it has done good to many”, among which is included. He even goes so far as to affirm that the Civil Guard should not be wasted chasing ‘boats loaded with hashish’.

Joan Manuel Serrat, influencer of Spanish music

Singer known to all Spaniards for songs like. Joan Manuel Serrat has publicly acknowledged his habitual use of marijuana. Without going any further, in the prestigious Rolling Stone magazine he declared himself a gourmet marijuana consumer, that is, he not only smoked but smoked only the best quality. He also came to say phrases like “when the prohibition law in Chicago ended, the drunks did not end, the gangsters ended!”

Patrick Stewart from the big screen

Patrick Stewart, the famous English actor better known as Professor Charles Xavier , for his role in the X-men film saga , announced in 2017 that he regularly uses weed to combat arthritis pain. Stewart made the announcement to support a new initiative of the University of Oxford that aims to investigate further medical marijuanaOther examples of celebrities in the cinema are Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr, Matthew McConaughey or Johnny Depp.

Snoop Dogg, American rapper

The legendary Californian rapper and businessman , Snoop Dogg, is a clear example of a regular cannabis user who shows his love for this herb and its properties in public . In fact, he has also launched marijuana vaporizers with his name and personalized design. In the world of music there are countless advocates of marijuana use, such as famous singer Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z.

Paris Hilton, hotel celebrity

The famous New York heiress to the Hilton fortune has been arrested for smoking marijuana, which she has publicly admitted on more than one occasion . Another example of a celebrity who smokes marijuana is the singer and actress Miley Cyrus or the singer and designer Lady Gaga.

Charlize Theron, model and actress

Charlize Theron is one of the most famous models and actresses in history. The South African sexual myth has been caught on occasion using marijuana. Like also famous actress Cameron Diaz who admits to buying pot from famous rapper Snoop Dogg in high school.

Madonna, singer and music icon

An example of an iconic figure who has admitted to marijuana use on various occasions is Madonna. The American singer, songwriter, actress and businesswoman has admitted to using marijuana and has spoken about it on several occasions.

Oprah Winfrey, television host

Another highly influential television celebrity in American society who has admitted to using marijuana is the famous Oprah Winfrey. The host of the famous Oprah Show or The Oprah Winfrey Show has admitted to marijuana use on more than one occasion.

Barack Obama, former President of the United States

There are also politicians who smoke marijuana , and more specifically US presidents who have used marijuana. The first black president of the United States has admitted to having used marijuana, as reflected in his book The Audacity of Hope . But if there is a president of the United States famous for his flirtations with marijuana, that is without a doubt Bill Clinton . However, there is also a much more serious and conservative president who has also admitted consumption, like the famous George W. Bush .

Nicole Richie, fashion designer

Another example within the world of fashion, Nicole Richie is an American designer and television celebrity. This Californian has stated on more than one occasion that she started smoking marijuana when she was only 13 years old . An early addiction that she has combined with others of various kinds and that has not been a problem for her to remain rich and appear in successful movies, television, fashion shows and music videos.

Extra: Spanish rappers who smoke joints

The Hip Hop sector has always been characterized by groups and singers who continually advocate for cannabis, its consumption and legalization. Spanish rap is not short and we have a multitude of artists who have publicly declared themselves habitual consumers and even appear in their own video clips smoking petas and singing related lyrics. As they are so common they have remained in the last position of this article, but surely some name surprises you:

  • The Zatu of SFDK
  • The Langui
  • Ajax and Prok
  • Verse rapists
  • ToteKing
  • Fat Master

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