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Many people are fond of marijuana, but the monotony and daily routine leads them to smoke some joints and stay anchored on the sofa until they sleep. To end boredom and monotony, we present some games that will make you enjoy marijuana even more , whether you are with your partner or with friends.

There are many ways to liven up the night , endless games and methods that will make you laugh, talk and, in general, enjoy marijuana and alcohol like you have never done before.

  • 1. Roulette
  • 2. Dice
  • 3. Face to face
  • 4. The fortune teller
  • 5. Board and card games

1. Roulette

This game consists of one of the guests rolling the joint and asking other people questions. A certain time is established and the one who gets the most questions right in that period of time is the one who will start smoking . Then that person thinks of another new topic and starts asking questions again.

Obviously you have to try to choose themes that can suit all the guests or, at least, most of them. For example, if you are an industrial chemist and you start asking technical questions so that no one can know the answers, you are wasting everyone else’s time, so you have stayed home to smoke your joints by yourself. The idea is to have fun and that the faster the joint is rolled, the better, the more laughs and the more blind all the guests will be.


This game is really easy to play and you don’t need any materials , just some people wanting to think and laugh for a while.

2. Dice

This is a game designed for experienced smokers with a marked tolerance to the effects of marijuana . It basically consists of each guest rolling a joint and rolling a dice. The number that comes out on the die will indicate the seconds that the puff that will be given to the joint has to last . If a 3 is rolled, the participant will take a three second puff on his peta. Finally, the one who coughs will have to throw again. It’s an expert game that can knock out inexperienced consumers.

3. Face to face

Gunman is an ideal game for those who want to enjoy a night of smoking as a couple. The idea is to roll a joint and smoke it as an “American”, face to face, one heat you and another me. When the joint is finished, the two smokers get up and stand looking at each other, the first to sit down, rolls the next joint.

This is an expert mode game as it requires a high tolerance to cannabis . Also, it is advisable to have something sweet nearby in case either of you goes into an unexpected “yellow”.

4. The fortune teller.

This is a classic game but one that we have adapted for the enjoyment of stoners. The idea is to roll a joint and think about something specific, your favorite movie, an animal, a famous person, etc. Your partner or friends will ask questions that you will answer with a yes or no. For example, if he is a famous person, they may ask you: is he a boy or a girl? Is it Spanish, Italian, American …? Are you a singer, an athlete?


The idea is that while they ask, you go smoking, until a colleague hits the point and he is the one who takes over. At that moment, the one who gets it right will take the joint and be the one to think of something while smoking. The questions are usually in clockwise order, so sitting in a circle makes the experience easier. Also, many people prefer to narrow down the options by establishing and narrowing down the topic before starting. That is, it is pre-established if you are going to talk about movies, characters, sports or any other topic.

very simple, fast game that requires nothing more than a few people and a little ingenuity. In addition, it can also be done by substituting the joint for shots or whatever you want to consume. In fact, some people even play without incentives, they just play guess who thinks about the next topic.

5. Board games.

Another classic option, but no less interesting and entertaining, is board games. Board games have brightened the days and nights of many young people and adults around the world for decades. In fact, it may be a very classic and common activity, but after a few puffs, card or board games become much more fun . Laughter, comments, “piques” or discussions, all this creates a perfect environment for smoking as a couple or in a group.
If you are with your partner, you can put into practice some sexual games that give a little excitement to your relationship, which is said to be a spicy touch.

This has been a brief review of some of the most common games , but not the only ones. The games to enjoy drinking or smoking as a couple or with friends are many and varied. We have proposed some of them, but if you have a better one, feel free to leave your comment and describe it.

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These games are a simple way to liven up an evening and have a great time, try them, enjoy and repeat.

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