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Many consumers believe that paper is unimportant, but nothing could be further from the truth. Despite being a simple product, the characteristics of the paper directly affect the feeling we have when smoking. These characteristics are the thickness of the paper, the size, the raw material with which it has been produced and the production process (whether it is refined or not). These characteristics cause the flavor of the joint or tobacco to vary notoriously .


Raw Rolling Papers is known worldwide for producing the least processed papers on the market . In fact, RAW papers are manufactured without using chlorine or any type of chemical, only 100% organic natural fibers ; unrefined or bleached. In addition, the energies used in its production are 100% renewable and even the packaging is made using recycled craft paper and organic hemp plastics, both of which are environmentally friendly. Finally, it should be noted that they are also very fine, burn slowly and produce little ash . In excellence there is no fault.

RAW has been in the cigarette paper business for over 13 years , offering the most environmentally friendly and natural hemp paper on the market. In fact, as the brand itself indicates, RAW is much more than a cigarette paper, it is a lifestyle. Hence, you see people with RAW shirts, hats and even tattoos. It’s really about living an unrefined lifestyle in the sense of being natural, honest, true to yourself, the world, and generally trying to do good.

Additionally, RAW’s ingenuity has led them to create brilliant products such as organic cones, glass roll-up trays, chargers, a new line of RAW Black, 25% thinner than original papers, and an organic hemp wick that uses the most sustainable source, beeswax. RAW has collaborated with Wiz Khalifa, Curren $ y, Kottonmouth Kingz, Berner, B-Real from Cypress Hill, and Odd Sox, among others. Without a doubt, one of the most recognized brands by both smokers and non-smokers.

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RAW is lifestyle. RAW is culture . It is those same ideals that allow a rolling paper company to become a brand that not only constantly works on innovation, but effectively bridges the gap between tobacco culture and pop culture in the most natural way possible.

Furthermore, as has been guessed from his collaborations with Wiz Khalifa, Curren $ yo B-Real from Cypress Hill, there is also a close relationship between RAW and Hip-Hop . This relationship is reflected, for example, in the project: “RAW life Presents: Up Next DC”, which consists of a collection with some of DC’s most talented and flourishing artists (Lightshow, Beau Young Prince, Innanet James); New artists waiting to be recognized in other major cities. That is, they bet on rap classics as well as on the new generations .

Regardless of age, demographics, ethnicity, or preference for tobacco, RAW’s mission and destiny is to thrive in its effort to foster culture, demolish stigma, and give meaningful back to cannabis society around the world. planet. Innovation, ingenuity and philanthropy are the pillars of this company that continually strives to create new concepts and ecological products that improve both the feeling of the smoker, as well as the situation of the planet. RAW, much more than a cigarette paper.

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