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First of all, from Marijuana Kush we advise you to always carry out a good drying and a good curing since these processes make the difference between a “typical” harvest and an excellent harvest. That is, if your harvest is good but receives poor drying and poor curing, the quality of the final product is low. On the contrary, if the harvest is not of exceptional quality, but is subjected to quality curing and drying, the quality will increase, improving the taste, smell and effect of the buds . Anyway, if you have green buds and a lot of “cute”, below we describe some methods to be able to speed up the drying.


Wrap the marijuana in paper and place it in the air outlet of an air conditioner or heater. Many people use hot air from a car heater or hot air from a home air conditioner . Then, you just have to wait and open the paper to see how the bud dries until it reaches the level of drying that we consider ideal. Using this method we will quickly dry the marijuana, without effort or expense, although the taste will be a bit harsh. It should also be mentioned that many consumers choose to use the fan of the computer or the one in the refrigerator.


Brown paper bags are ideal for speeding up the drying process of your buds. These bags are the typical brown ones that have been used all their lives in neighborhood bakeries. The process is really quick and easy, take some buds, put them in one of these bags and wait a few days. We recommend waiting four or five days , although on the second day you will notice how the bud is much drier.



Sun drying is the most traditional method, used in the mountains of Morocco for hundreds of years. However, this practical method has the main drawback that the sun and heat degrade the THC in the resin and, therefore, the quality of the harvest decreases. Another less corrosive option for the buds is to leave the marijuana in the sun but inside some paper that does not let the sun’s rays hit the flowers directly. Following this method and if the weather is sunny, warm and dry, you will get dry buds in less than 2 or 3 days. It may even be the case that they dry in a single day . However, the quality will continue to be inferior to what would have been achieved with optimal drying and curing.

Sun dried

There are also other alternatives such as making the highest quality extractions using live resin . This method allows obtaining quality extractions from fresh flowers, the only problem is that the process is complex and expensive materials are needed to carry it out.

These have been some of the best options to dry marijuana quickly, anyway and as we have pointed out previously, we always recommend a slow and careful drying and curing that allows you to enjoy the highest quality.

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